Acrylic Dry Wipe wall menu in different sizes

ZAR 370.00

The Acrylic Menu is made from 5mm Clear Acrylic. Our Acrylic Menu comes with 4 standoff fasteners to put it against the wall, door or board, etc. The Menu has a vinyl sticker on the back to ensure you do not damage the writing when cleaning the board.

The board works like a whiteboard, you write with a dry wipe pen on it and just wipe it off again.

You can choose if you want a personalized name or message on the board. You can also choose the design and color of vinyl you want the wording to be in.

Please note: you will be contacted soon regarding the color of your wording, or you can mention the color in the notes at checkout. Colors are all subject to availability.

The Featured photos here are borrowed and only show how your planner will look once it's installed.
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